About Richard

Richard is a queer, Mexican-American theater director interested in creating Queer, Fantastical, and Diverse theatrical explorations.

He strives to showcase and empower the non-normative narrative.


Work featuring queer artists, content, sensibilities, and themes. Work that expands, explores, and celebrates sexuality, gender identity, gender roles, and sensibilities on the LGBTQ spectrum. Additionally, work that shatters the heteronormative lens. I am committed to queer stories. Moreover, I am interested in helping audiences understand that queer stories deserve the same exposure and attention as the heteronormative narrative.


Work that is deliberately diverse, accessible, and feautures artists and characters of wide-ranging identities, abilities, ethnicities, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc.


Work that is non-realistic and epic in nature. Characters, circumstances, and rules of the world are highly imaginative, magical, supernatural, fanciful, and extraordinary.

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